entrepreneur starter tools

Entrepreneur starter tools needed for success online.  Autoresponders, Funnel Creators and Link Trackers are just some of the tools you will need.  This section gives you a brief overview of what Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses will need to run efficiently.

You have your idea to start earning an income online! Congratulations!  Creating a successful business online will involve setting up several key components.  So how do you know what steps to take and what tools will you need to build, grow and scale your business.  The Success Challenge has everything you need for step by step guidance from a mentor and the necessary links to tools built right into it.

However what if you are already have certain tools?

Recommended tools to get you started.  There are basic Business and Entrepreneur starter tools necessary for your new journey.  Most of them have free trial periods.   Use that free trial period to see if they are right for you.  Check out the various options you have with each one and also do a test with their tech support.  Response time is important when you are creating your business.  Therefore if you contact support and they don’t respond for 12 to 24 hours, that might not be a good sign.  Most support teams run 24/7 however that is not always the case.

Below are some tools that we have personally had experience with or ones that our associates have used and recommend (shown in parenthesis).  These are just suggestions for you.  We highly encourage you to check out others as well.

Payment account processor : Clickbank, Clickbetter, Paypal, etc.

Domain Name Providers:   Namecheap, GoDaddy (HostGator,Dreamhost,1and1, Gandi, Name, Squarespace etc).

Sales funnel creators: ClickFunnels, GetResponse

Autoresponders: GetResponse, AWeber, Maropost

Web hosting:  Bluehost

Tools needed to grow and scale your business:

Link Tracking: ClickMagick, Bitly, (ClickMeter, ClickPerfect)

Social Media accounts: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, LinkedIn, Snapchat.  Using Social Media is key to marketing you or your product (brand).  Engage with as many channels as possible.

Entrepreneur Tools/Marketing-Sales Tools


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Please note that the above list of tools and providers is just to give you an idea of what you will need for your business.  Some online opportunities will not require all of those tools. As an Entrepreneur or Business owner, your long term success is going to depend on the quality of your tools.  On your journey, don’t be afraid to experiment with other companies.  If you feel you are not getting the results you need, by all means try another option.

Every Entrepreneur or business goes through growing pains to perfect their final product.  As your business grows you will need to scale your tools and resources to accomodate the necessary growth.

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