Happy Veterans Day

Happy Veterans Day! To all my fellow Veterans and active duty service men and women, thank you for serving this great country of ours.  I am proud and honored to have had the opportunity to serve my country and grateful to those that I served with.
It is often taken for granted, by the general public and media, but there is a sacrifice one must make when they raise their right hand and solemnly swear. It is difficult to explain, but I will say it as this – before I enlisted in the Army I would hear people say ‘I’m proud to be an American’ – and true I was proud but not in the sense that I am now.
When I raised my hand to take my oath, I was given the opportunity to back out and not take the next step … I was reminded that if our country went to war that I would have to put my life on the line and do whatever it took to defend the freedoms our country has.  To some that might seem extreme or not that big of a deal … but at 18 and my whole life ahead of me – it was a big deal… but I stuck to my commitment.     When I arrived at Fort Bliss – again I was given the same opportunity … again I stuck to my commitment.
From that moment and the ensuing weeks and months, going through basic training and AIT, something happened – something changed.   The words ‘Proud to be an American’ and the word ‘Pride’ took on a new meaning.
Learning that “one” person, however strong their conviction is, cannot defend an entire nation.  But with ‘many’ who have a strong conviction – working “TOGETHER” – A nation can be defended and together that group of soldiers can stand up to anything.
You see, as a soldier, you learn how to get a long.  How to rely on someone you just met.  How to make a difference together – that despite my individual qualities, talents and conviction – I still could not do what a platoon or battalion of soldiers could do together.  It didn’t matter what color you were, what your nationality or background was, or if you could speak fluent English, what mattered was you were working together as a selfless team … as a platoon, battalion, or branch of the military – working together to defend something not everyone in the world has – freedom and a country that you love.
I am glad (and that is an understatement – putting into words doesn’t do the feeling in my heart justice) I made that commitment and I stuck to it.

The word ‘proud’ and the phrase ‘taking pride in your country’ took on an entire new meaning.  The words in ‘The Pledge of Allegiance’ – “…One nation under God, indivisible with liberty and justice for all” – means something to me, and I know it means a lot to thousands of other soldiers and veterans, who take pride in their country, and made sacrifices to serve.
When the national anthem is sung and someone shows disrespect, or doesn’t take their cap or hat off, or kneels, or talks during that short moment the anthem is being sung – you are showing disrespect for some of the Greatest women and men this country has ever seen!  Those who made a commitment and a sacrifice to give ‘you‘ the right to wake up every morning with a choice, a choice to work where you want to, a choice to choose your religion, go where you want, and do what you want all while not having to look over your shoulder or to fear for your life.
A group of women and men, that may not be a movie star, or TV Star, a paid athlete or a loud mouth on social media, but someone who made a commitment, to love their country and to defend it, and give their life if need be … for YOU!
Every time the National Anthem is sung – i often lose my breath and well up with tears as the words are sung and that beautiful red, white and blue flag is shown – because I am A VERY PROUD Veteran and I take Extreme pride in the country that I LOVE!
Happy Veterans Day!  If you know someone who has served, or is currently serving take a moment to say two simple words “Thank you”.
On behalf of my fellow veterans and myself I can attest that it “DOES MEAN SOMETHING and it does make a difference in our lives”.
As always my best to you for continued success and happiness in business and in life.
Happy Veterans Day!
Rick Fronek
CEO Worksmarter4u / Worksmarter4yourfuture
To my fellow veterans, the following links are courtesy of ‘The Military Wallet’.  Some of them are specific to Veterans Day, however some have offers that last longer.
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