Silver And Gold Solutions Shares The Power Of Precious Metals: Special Event

Silver and Gold Solutions shares the Power of Precious Metals a Special Event March 2nd 2024!

Silver and Gold Solutions located in Galena Illinois brings the power of precious metals to Jo Daviess County in Illinois.  Celebrating 3 years with an open-house celebration on Saturday, March 2nd 2024.

What started out as a way for an Entrepreneur to save for his family and his future, has evolved into sharing the message globally for this small town business owner.

Most people do not know how to go about saving in silver and gold …

When asked why it is so important to have precious metals as a means to save for someone’s future – “I was not aware of the option that was shared with me just over 3 years ago.  I always knew the importance of silver and gold, and that I should have some, but at the time this was introduced to me – I had no idea about how to” (Rick Fronek, founder of Silver And Gold Solutions).

“I remember it like it was yesterday, December 11th, 2020.  When I was introduced to a company from Idaho Falls, Idaho (7K Metals) I made that commitment to share the message with as many people as I possibly could!”

Saturday March 2nd Special Open-house Celebration Event

Celebrating a 3 year anniversary, Silver and Gold Solutions (a division of Worksmarter4u) will be having an “Open-House Event” on Saturday March 2nd from noon to 5 p.m. CST.   For those unable to attend in person, they can register for the live zoom / YouTube stream and still participate in the Silver Giveaway contest as well as additional prizes.

During the Open House Event, the special presentation at 1 p.m., will be “The untapped strategy and unique advantages of saving in silver and gold”.  The presentation will include historical data and insights along with the potential for wealth preservation, long-term growth, and protection for you and your family against economic uncertainties.  Most of all the easiest way to save in silver and gold from the comfort of home!
During the event, several drawings will be held with free giveaways and refreshments for those in attendance. Online attendees will also have an opportunity to qualify for the giveaways!

Paying it forward

“The information shared during the presentation can make a huge impact on the way people look at money and saving for their future.  Barring technical difficulties we will have a replay up and available on YouTube Saturday evening.  We want to make sure that everyone has the opportunity to learn about precious metals and what options they have.”
There will be a final Silver drawing on Sunday March 3rd at 6 p.m. CST for those that are unable to attend but can still qualify by commenting on the replay of the presentation after it is posted on YouTube.
Stop by Silver And Gold Solutions (Division of Worksmarter4u) in Galena Illinois and pick up a free copy of the “Everyday Person’s Guide to Gold & Silver”.   The book is also available as a download if registering online for the event!
Please visit Worksmarter4u or Silver And Gold Solutions for more information – registering online or to contact us direct.
Silver and Gold Solutions requests that you please RSVP as seating is limited for the 1 pm presentation.
“We look forward to meeting everyone in person and sharing some life changing information.  We realize that events, and online zoom calls are not always convenient for people.   Moving forward we decided to open up special presentations for individuals and fellow entrepreneurs and small business owners.  A lot of small businesses do not have the capability of offering their employees a 401K or savings plan, so precious metals gives them an option to help their employees long term.” – Rick Fronek
(Silver And Gold Solutions is a division of Worksmarter4u located in Galena Illinois)


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