Wealth Building Blueprint

Wealth Building Blueprint is a Free program that teaches ‘Money Strategies’ for creating income and managing your money with certainty for achieving long term success.

The topic of money, finances or budgets often create an instant panic for most.  Most people avoid the topic of managing their money – hoping their personal struggles with finances will magically disappear.  “Someday I’ll be able to afford to do that” or “must be nice to have …” – you can fill in the blank there, we have all either thought it or said it out loud.

Your belief and relationship to Money Matters!  Money is the world’s biggest human magnifying glass!

The environment you grew up in often dictates how you currently handle your finances.  The methods by which you spend money and save money can be traced back to what you experienced growing up.

There is a reason for all of the above – lack of knowledge and lack of understanding.  More importantly just not having the right education about handling ones finances.

Wealth Building Blueprint is a program that shares the exact strategies that rich people follow to create income, protect and grow their money – while helping them create long term wealth and a lifestyle most only dream about.

A college level type training that shares the insight that ‘should‘ be taught in Universities.  Unfortunately the way to structure your finances is the type of education that is overlooked – which often leads to mishandling of finances and eventually creating anxiety and stress over money related issues in general throughout one’s life.

Wealth Building Blueprint should be a pre-requisite to receiving your diploma. Whether you are a college student graduating from a University or a High School graduate preparing for life’s next chapter.

The management of your finances is critical to every aspect of your life – business, family and relationships.  The blueprint will give you a clear structured path to bringing order to your finances, your business and ultimately your life overall.

Wealth Building Blueprint shares the model for financial success, the strategies to follow as well as the “Universal Law of Prosperity“.

A must for Business Owners and Entrepreneurs and anyone that finds themselves struggling to make ends meet month after month!

The program shares an easy to use formula for allocating income as it is received which is not only beneficial for personal but business finances as well.

The value of Wealth Building Blueprint is priceless albeit a Free Training Program.  Receiving the education to know the proper guidlines to handling your finances shouldn’t come with a premium.


Wealth Building Blueprint Training overview:

Wealth Building Model – General overview of the program.

The Universal Law of Prosperity – there are Universal laws that govern everything in life.  Understanding how the Law of Prosperity directly impacts your daily life.

The Six Sacred Accounts – The six accounts that will provide a clear structured path to managing your money.  Receivable account, tax account, Wealth building account, Charity account, General account, Business Operations accounts.

Personal Control and Structure – The blueprint to apply to any income that gives you long-term peace of mind.

Tax Allocation – How to calculate tax percentages and how often to file with the government.

Business Financial Structure – Insight to allocating funds for marketing, sales, employees, and general business expenditures.

Wealth Generation – Working Income versus Passive Income.  The concepts and strategies to become more aware of how your passive income can help you create prosperity for the future.

Income Creation Strategies – How to leverage multiple streams of income to build and grow your business without any additional effort.

Actionable Steps – Insight to the steps you can take to invest in yourself for future financial growth.


Accessing this free program:

With immediate access to the program, Wealth Building Blueprint will share insight into steps you can start taking today to insure peace of mind for your future.

Your free account grants you instant access on enrollment to the program, lifetime access, on demand videos, and the accessibility on mobile and pc.  In addition you will receive premium additional content -a plethora of free training for business owners and entrepreneurs regardless of niche, product or service.

Upon completion of this free training, Wealth Building Blueprint will give you a clear structured path to follow which will help eliminate the stress and anxiety you may have had in the past.  Opening the door to a path that will help you work smarter for your future!

As always, my best to you in your search for continued success and happiness in life!

Rick Fronek

CEO Worksmarter4u / Worksmarter4yourfuture


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