AI and Video Marketing: The Leading Trend for Businesses in 2021

AI and Video Marketing head the list of the leading trend for businesses in 2021.

In 2020 the pandemic forced millions of businesses and entrepreneurs worldwide to rethink their marketing strategies and how they can compete in today’s digital economy.

For the brick and mortar stores that relied on foot traffic and store front window sale signs to purchase their products, a cold hard reality hit home quickly.  With local government shut downs many businesses who did not have an online presence found themselves closing their doors for good.

In some cases the quick trigger reaction, was just that.  Not knowing when they could open their doors again created a lot of panic and shops began closing left and right.  That drive past the strip mall that used to be packed with cars – sat empty with most store front windows with a for sale or lease sign across the windows.

Some businesses quickly consulted with local marketing consultants and sought information on how they could quickly build their presence in an ever growing trend of businesses online.

When your back is against the wall, or your business doors are closed beyond your control … you find a way to make it happen.

Enter the new era of many overnight success stories profiting from their new found presence online.

For some the pandemic proved to be the light at the end of the tunnel.  Planting their stake in the ground for a niche that was desperately needed … or was it the timing was just right?

With so many people laid off from their jobs due to the pandemic, time online as well as online shopping exploded as if often does during the year end holiday and Christmas gift giving season.

Yes a disaster brought about a new opportunity.

Doodle Video-Videocreatives.worksmarter4u-worksmarter4yourfuture

Create “Attention Grabbing” videos in minutes!

With this new opportunity brings about the challenge for most ‘new’ online businesses of how to grab the attention and captivate potential customers.  In years past flashy or attention grabbing static ads with a mind teasing question could get the average consumer to click away and find out what was behind that alluring banner ad.

Yet with an influx of new online businesses, that seemed to grow up like weeds in the cracks of the pavement in the dead heat of summer, standing out created a new issue for online businesses.

For many just having an online website was a leap into the 21st century.  Now taking that business to another level happened when AI and Video marketing was introduced into the mix.   The key for continued success online is the ability to GRAB that customer attention and hold them captivated more than the seven second average we often hear about.

Video marketing companies stepped up their development to infuse AI (artificial intelligence) into their software to set themselves apart from the masses.

Now offering existing as well as new business owners the ability to create those ‘Attention Grabbing Videos’.  No longer is a 30+ minute YouTube video a way to create that new customer.

Software companies have proven that doodle maker videos as well as engaging avatar videos increases brand awareness by creating a ‘memorable’ experience for their viewers.  From a hand drawing across a whiteboard screen or strategically placing ‘advertising bullet points’, to an engaging forefront figure (Avatar) speaking to your customer directly.

Avatar Builder-3D animated video-worksmarter4yourfuture-AI and Video Marketing

3D Avatar Animation Videos

The use of AI and video marketing creation has arrived.  The leading trend more businesses are relying on for a successful 2021.

The ability to create an eye appealing intense video will stop your customer through scrolling through their feed.  Having an irresistible ‘must have’ product is great, however if you are unable to GRAB your customers attention and make it a memorable experience, potential sales are lost.

If you think about the history of video marketing in the terms of TV commercials. The commercials you remember are the ones that created a certain type of feeling for you.  It stimulated an emotion in you and that’s why you remember the product, the company and that catch phrase or jingle.  Millions of people worldwide tune into Super Bowl Sunday every year not only to watch the best teams compete, but also to see the latest and greatest ‘Memorable – attention grabbing’ commercials.

Using AI and Video marketing for your online businesses should evoke the same feeling with your customer.

The past 2 years have shown how video marketing has increased followers and helped build customer bases.

“…Close to 50% of online users search for product videos before they make a purchase.  When you’re not able to see the product in person, as you would in a shop, there is no better way to ensure you receive the item you want.  Before making an online purchase, nearly half of all shoppers search the web for videos of the product they intend on buying according to online video statistics (Think with Google)” – “Video Marketing Trends ,,, ‘Start the Decade Off Right‘” – CELIO 24

Worksmarter4u VideoCreatives How To Create Professional Whiteboard Blackboard and GlassBoard Doodle videos-whiteboard video creator-AI and Video Marketing

Create Whiteboard, Blackboard and Glassboard videos in minutes with the latest AI technology

YouTube the second largest search engine next to Google has proven that people would rather watch a video than click on a static ad for information.

With more business owners looking to separate themselves from their competition, using AI and video marketing, will skyrocket these numbers throughout 2021.

“…In fact, nearly eight out of ten (78.8 percent) of marketers consider it to be the most effective platform for video marketing … In comparison, at 58.5 percent, far fewer marketers consider Facebook, the king of social media, to be the most effective video marketing platform.” – OBERLO 10 YouTube Statistics.

Not only are Doodle Maker videos and Avatar hosted videos eye appealing, the combined use of AI and Video Marketing helps the novice, entrepreneur or business owner, who may lack experience or who are shy on camera – still deliver the message they want to share!

No need to take multiple takes and spend hours editing trying to get the video ‘just right’.  (Trust me 3 years ago, I would spend 6 hours trying to get a 10 or 15 minute video done and edited – experience changed that).  In today’s competitive market, too long of a learning curve could result in lost sales!

There are plenty of video marketing software apps out there, however finding the right ones with AI, built in templates and a step by step user friendly training are not so easy to come by.

Some of the new software apps offer the ability to ‘re-vamp old YouTube videos’ or add special effects to new and product information videos.

Through the use of AI many new software apps have the ability to import text from existing videos, record your own voice, and event translate your text to speech into many different languages all with a click of a button!

Strategically having your Avatar of Doodle Video direct them to a sign up link is a great way to close out your video (or subliminally tell them to do that throughout).

Make sure to not only capture your customers attention, but also have them opt in to your landing page, or newsletter so that you have the ability to retain them and keep them up to date on current specials and offers!  A special discount or bonus are great ways to have your customer eagerly share their name and email address with you.

Currently YouTube is experimenting with the ability to allow viewers to purchase products featured in YouTube videos.  “…Creators in this pilot can add certain products to their videos.   Viewers can then see a list of featured products by clicking the shopping bag icon on the bottom left corner of the video” – YouTube test features and experiments.

2021 is the time to take your online presence to the next level – AI, Avatar and Doodle videos are one way to help your business make the transition to solidifying your online presence!

Attracting, Engaging and Converting new customers is the future of your business online!

One last ‘Gold Nugget’ to share – Creating one highly engaging ‘attention grabbing’ video, can not only boost your customer engagement on your website, but also on your Facebook business page, YouTube channel, Webtalk profile page and even on your ‘Google My Business’ page.  A sure fire way to target potential customers on multiple platforms.

Webtalk-socialmedia-freedom of speech-worksmarter4yourfuture

The New All-In-One social media platform that pays to promote you! Create your free account today!

As in everything you do online, a quick reminder to do your due diligence before moving forward.  If you are not sure if the software or app is right for you – if possible reach out to those who are already using and always make sure there is some form of money back guarantee.

As always, my very best to you for continued success in business and in life.

The ‘Time is Now … to Worksmarter4yourfuture’

Rick Fronek

CEO Worksmarter4u / Worksmarter4yourfuture / VideoCreatives

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