How Beta Testing Positioned Webtalk Ahead Of Facebook And LinkedIn

How beta testing positioned Webtalk ahead of Facebook and LinkedIn to become the best social media platform for it’s users.

In 2010, RJ Garbowicz, CEO of Webtalk had one simple vision “Helping the world create more success”.

Looking for a way to solve the lack of data management and data validation tools used to run both personal and professional lives on line through Social Media. ‘Knowing if a person and the data they shared about themselves and/or their company is valid, on social networks or anywhere, is a big missing element to starting new relationships.’

As the past decade unfolded, Webtalk spent the time and resources developing a platform that would not only allow them to compete with Facebook and LinkedIn, but in the process set a precedent for literally giving back to it’s users as a means of thanking them for helping Webtalk become successful.

To become the world’s first all-in-one relationship and brand management platform, Webtalk’s beta testing period proved essential in the evolution of the platform.

Beta testing with real, active users have helped determine what the final product will become when it is finally launched to the world sometime late this summer.

Webtalk began their public Beta testing on the free services in late 2018. Their Beta testing for the Pro premium feature service started in May of 2019, and the testing of their Ad Rewards platform began in February of 2020.

During the Beta testing they used member’s feedback and usage data to help improve both the design and function of all the Webtalk services so that they could add more value.

As a result of all of the testing, final improvements to their software technologies are taking place as we speak, so that when they launch their iOS & Android apps, all of the final improvements will be included.

To view a complete list of all their upcoming upgrades this summer please read the latest blog post from the Webtalk Newsroom

These upgrades will conclude the Beta testing of Phase 1 of their product release after they are implemented.

Phase 1: Consumer (networking, contact management, PRO premium features & cash rewards)

Phase 2a: Enterprise (Pages for business with search & reviews)

Phase 2b: Collaboration (Groups, Group Chat, Blogs, Native Video)

Phase 3a: Talent Solutions (Job search/posting, background checks)

Phase 3b: Marketplace (products and services)

Webtalk has consistently communicated with it’s users and founding members to inform them of upcoming changes and the status of where they are on their road map to becoming the best social media platform available for every day users as well as Businesses.

Having a road map to create the best possible platform for every user was done through a 10-year product road map.   Proving that like a fine wine, to be the best, it takes time.  To see Webtalk’s 10 year road map  Webtalk Products Road map.

Even during their Beta testing phase, Webtalk is paying cash rewards to it’s members, while also sharing an additional 10% of ad revenue with charities.

50% (or more) of all ad revenue is paid out monthly back to members, and up to 50% of all PRO premium feature subscription revenue is also paid out monthly.

Some of the top earners are already making around 10K per month and they expect that to increase significantly as they wrap up Beta testing on Phase 1 and launch mobile apps.

During their Beta testing new members are only accepted by referrals from existing members.

Completing Phase 2 & Phase 3 are projected to produce top earners making as much as $1M per month.

If you are an affiliate, influencer, network marketer, or digital marketer and you are reading this then you have an opportunity of a lifetime right now.

By helping Webtalk grow their community to hundreds of millions or even billions of members you will have the opportunity to earn top-line revenue share on all revenue they generate for life.

Webtalk-Creating Success Through Webtalk The Future Of Social Media-Worksmarter4yourfuture-Worksmarter4u

Start creating your own success through Webtalk

An example of the potential found on Webtalk and why this social media platform is truly unique:

If you invite 200 people to join Webtalk for free and they all do the same through 5-levels of referrals…

1. 200 members

2. 4K members

3. 800K members

4. 160M members

5. More members than Facebook

Facebook generates approximately $6 BILLION PER MONTH from advertising revenue generated on your content. The content you post, like and share every single day.  What would your financial situation look like if Facebook would have shared 50% of all their ad revenue since day one?  Let that marinate in your head for a while.

Webtalk continues to build game-changing technology to compete with all of the largest networking sites. For those that join and continue to help Webtalk grow, ultimately will result in creating success together.

You can literally build a team right now that could grow to have a large portion of the internet population awarding you 10% revenue share on direct advertising and purchases done by members you bring to Webtalk,.

Imagine if Facebook was sharing 10% of their revenue with you every month… $600,000,000 EVERY MONTH is 10% of $6 BILLION.

While possible, this likely will not happen but the odds of you making $6,000 per month, or even $60,000 per month are good right now if you work hard, and help bring new members to Webtalk and get them trained.

The power of their free rewards program is setting a precedent for social media. Finally a platform that gives back to it’s members, the way it should be, creating long term success to for everyone’s future.

Webtalk also offers social content syndication for those not sure if they are ready to make a change from their current platforms. With syndication to Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Slack and coming soon Instagram, users can post on Webtalk and share with existing social media platforms all at the same time.

The decade long task of building a one of a kind, state of the art, social media platform would not have been possible without the founding members and the testing, bug fixes, and feature improvements made during their beta testing.

Even during their Beta Testing, Webtalk has been able to ‘Help the world create more success’ one connection at a time (see Alexa data chart for July 2020).  The chart is an indication of how fast Webtalk’s platform has grown in the past 90 days.  With their sites on being the top social media platform across the globe, their upcoming public launch will skyrocket their rankings and make Webtalk a household name.

Webtalk Alexa Rankings From July 2020-How Beta Testing Positioned Webtalk Ahead of Facebook and LinkedIn

Alexa Ranking of for July 2020

To learn more, and be a part of this precedent setting platform visit Webtalk. An introduction video will get you started on the social media and business platform of the future and allow you to access today!

All users are able to create a free account and enjoy the benefits, however for the first 1 million pro and pro platinum members the benefits, will extend through 5 levels deep of referrals.

Establishing your presence now as an everyday social media user or business, will pay dividends when Webtalk launches publicly.

“The Time Is Now … to Worksmarter4yourfuture!”

As always my best to you for your search for success and happiness in business and in life!

Kind regards

Rick Fronek

CEO Worksmarter4u /


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