How To Achieve Success In 2020 And The Decade Ahead

How to achieve success in 2020 and the decade ahead and finally achieving goals and fulfilling New Years resolutions we often make.

For many the new decade started with a traditional ‘New Years Resolution’ that is a general statement to somehow console our inner desire to change our life.

Having the ability to answer that question when asked by family members, coworkers or even at social events, psychologically gives us the confidence and misconception that we will easily attain it for once.

How to achieve success in 2020 and the decade ahead shares key simple steps on how to avoid becoming another statistic, how to create a decisive game-plan, and ways to take action and achieve the unachievable!

As we come to the end of January in 2020, now is the time to address the resolutions or goals you have set for yourself and how to realistically achieve them.    On New Years Eve, the thought of “how I can achieve success in 2020, make it a brand new start, a new life, a future with achievable goals and let it be a launching pad for a decade that I will always remember” ran through your mind. Right?

The question now is …are you still on track or have you become another statistic.

Research showing the percentage of people who maintain New Years Resolutions-How To Achieve Success In 2020 And Beyond-Worksmarter4yourfuture

As the above graphic shows (courtesy of proactivemindfulness), maintaining your focus to achieve your goals is a challenge for most people. Having the clarity, commitment, focus and confidence in yourself and your goals will allow you to achieve them.

2020 can be the most successful year of your life! Critical to having success and changing your current position in life, starts with having an extremely detailed specific goal that you are looking to achieve.

Many ‘New Years Resolutions’ begin with a general “I want to…” fill in the blank. The reason so many of these resolutions never become a reality, is they are too general and don’t have detailed specific thought put into them in how they are going to be achieved.

Key important factors to keep in mind in making 2020 your most successful year ever:

(1) WRITE your goal down on paper (If you do not do this critical first step – you already will become a statistic)

(2) Be specific to the time frame that you would like to achieve your goal or goals.

(3) Determine monthly, weekly, daily and sometimes hourly steps and goals you need to achieve to make them happen.

(4) Focus on what you can eliminate or condense so that you can delegate that time towards your goal.

(5) Find something or someone that will drive you towards reaching your desired goal.

As I refer to in the above video – (Moving my family and my business and opening a store on main street in Galena) – that is a specific outcome, something that drives me.  So determine what one thing will motivate, inspire and drive you to achieving your goal.

(6) List out resources, education, and any additional plans that you will need to achieve your goals.

(7) Look at your budget and financial situation and determine where you can make changes that will alleviate unnecessary spending that will help you reach your goal. Financial peace of mind is critical to helping you focus on your goal.  There are free programs available that can help you manage your finances.  (see ‘Wealth Building Blueprint‘ article)

(8) ASK FOR HELP if you need it.  It is common to feel that you can handle every obstacle yourself when trying to reach your goals. However seeking help, in areas one may lack specific skills, will allow you to focus on the aspects of your goal that you excel at.

(9) Discuss your goals with family, friends and those that can give you support in helping you achieve your goals. Having emotional support will play a large part in giving you the strength to achieve your success.

(10) The MOST IMPORTANT FACTOR to keep in mind as you start your new year and new journey to success:  Maintain a Positive Attitude daily towards everything. This is where having something to motivate and inspire comes into play.

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Setting clear, Very Specific, goals with an action plan and a specific strategy on how you plan to achieve them will provide you with your own blueprint for success.

Fully commit to doing whatever it takes to achieve your goals!  Hold yourself accountable – sometimes looking at yourself in the mirror and asking yourself “am I doing everything that I can to make this happen?”  May sound silly, but can be effective.

Maintaining your focus and allocating enough time, energy and mental focus on achieving your specific goals.  This may require sacrificing some of your everyday routines (i.e. facebook, watching TV, etc.)
Remain confident in achieving your goals. Success comes from a personal commitment, followed by taking action.  Making changes and achieving the unachievable comes from stepping outside your comfort zone.  As you make strides to achieving your goal(s) any self-doubt or fears you may have had in the past will start to disappear.  I recommend a goal card to help you keep your focus.  Something that you can carry along with you and look at several times a day.  When you have challenging circumstances, reading your goal card can help you refocus on what is important.
Maintaining your motivation and staying inspired can come from various sources.  This can be done from listening to motivational speakers, reading books, and meditating on your goal.  Here again, having something that drives you and inspires you will also keep your mindset on achieving your success.
If your current job or financial situation limits you at achieving your goals, there are a plethora of opportunities online that can help you supplement your income.  Do your due diligence if you decide to start a new opportunity.
There are options available that can give you resources to help you achieve success.  A lot of online programs require paid memberships, however one that I have found to be beneficial offers a free membership and access to over 16 free motivational and educational courses. Keep an open mind to what  is available and always make sure it is in alignment with what your are trying to achieve.
Develop habits and routines around achieving your goal. Having specific days and times that you work on your goal will help you maintain your focus.  Remember even small incremental steps towards your goal will soon make a difference.
Expect to have setbacks and failures.  This is part of growing as an individual and achieving goals and success that you are not accustomed to.  Albeit it easier said than done, mistakes and failures, must be looked at as learning experiences.
Keeping a journal of your every day experiences towards achieving your goal can help you track your journey and provide an uplifting reminder of just how far you have progressed.
How to achieve success in 2020 and beyond can be attained.  Success and achieving goals all start with an idea or a dream.  Following the aforementioned keys will help you not only make 2020 the best year of your life, but set you up for success in the decade ahead.
Believe in yourself, be crystal clear on what you want and how you can achieve it, and success will come to you.
New Year’s Resolutions often fade and become a statistic. They are an idea or thought of how we would like to change our lives.  Yet really they are a goal and a dream for a better life.  Whether you start January 1st, February 1st or 6 months from now, committing yourself to making them happen is where it all starts.

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If there is anything that I can do to help you achieve your goals and success in life, please feel free to reach out.

My best to you always in your search for success and happiness in life and in business!  May 2020 bring you Success in all that you do and be the start of the decade of a lifetime!  2020 is ‘Our‘ year to “Achieve the Unachievable“!

Kind regards –

Rick Fronek

CEO Worksmarter4u /

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