There Is More To Life Than This

I sincerely would like all of my friends, followers and those who are looking for something more out of life to read this and experience what I have.

If you have ever told yourself that “there has to be more in life than this” – you should be able to relate.

Seven years ago I was laid off from a company I put 16 ½ years of my life into.

I put the companies needs before even my own family.  50 to 60 hour work weeks, promises of being made a part owner …and just like that – gone, without even a hint that it was coming – my value to them was a dollar amount … and nothing more.

With too much management experience on my resume finding a job let alone an opportunity for an interview in Illinois was a nightmare.

I had to start over again.

After two years of searching for any position with any company – just to get my foot in the door – I found myself literally broke.

Everything I had saved and nested away in 401K plans – gone.

I finally was offered a part time job at Target.  I learned everything that I could in various departments, passed their ‘team lead’ training and testing to become a manager, only to be left with a promise that never materialized.

25+ years of working my tail off, only to end up with literally nothing to show for it.

I had recently been through a divorce and was still recovering from that shock.

Wondering how I was going to ever provide for the future of my two beautiful sons.  One of which I was lucky to see for a couple of days each year.  My other I was a part time Dad every other weekend because I couldn’t afford to drive and pick up every weekend.

How was I going to provide a better life for my sons, when I couldn’t even provide a decent one for myself, always scraping by each month to barely cover bills.

I was supposed to be the provider for my sons – buying the necessities, clothes, food, saving money for their future and taking them on vacations.

Yet here I was in my 40’s and nothing to show for it. No nest egg for their future.  Vacations were not even thought about and what was I going to do to get my life on track.

That’s when I asked God “please give me a sign and let me know that there is something more in this life for me” … I couldn’t see myself working the rest of my life for someone, or some company that does not appreciate the hard work and effort I put in day in and day out.

Call if fate or a blessing, but within a week of asking God for help – I received an email asking me to attend a webinar about ‘How to sell without selling’.

I’m not sure how they had my email address.

I had tried many online opportunities to earn an income and create the ‘luxury lifestyle’, but none of them ever panned out.  One disappointment after another – like the jobs I worked – they left me with nothing to show for them.  So I abandoned that avenue a few years back.

But yet here staring me in the face was an email that peeked my interest.

Not knowing what to expect, that one email changed my life.

With an open mind and an open heart I decided to give this one opportunity one last chance.

The day arrived and I watched the webinar… and the door of opportunity opened up for me.

With my experience in purchasing, sales and marketing – everything in that webinar resonated with me like you wouldn’t believe.

I started to believe that there was something more for me in this life.

So I thought, why not take what I know and use the guidance and expertise of a mentor and create my own business.

Finally there was an opportunity actually being taught by a mentor who knew what he was talking about.   Someone who would actually show what needed to be done in order to become successful.

I had started the life of an Entrepreneur – the journey was going to be exciting and a life changer!

Over the next 6 months I watched, listened, studied and practiced what I was being taught.

Based on my mentor’s principles – In January of 2017 I officially was able to create my own business – Worksmarter4u – A dream come true.  I was on cloud 9 when the state sent me my ‘Certificate of Ownership of Business’

I had reached a milestone, something that I never thought would happen.  But I believed in myself and what I was being taught, and I had made it happen!

But even though I had created my business I was still lacking guidance and direction on how to grow it and scale it to be successful.

I struggled a lot the first year, having a good month here and there, yet nothing consistent.

My friends and family started saying “You never should have started this.  You should have waited till you were better off.”  “What were you thinking” is something I heard quite frequently.

Deep down I couldn’t blame them for saying what they were saying – they had lent me money to help keep a roof over my head.

You get to a point where you start questioning yourself – wondering why is this happening now.

But this was My dream! My Future! Not only for me but for my sons! I was not going to give up or throw in the towel.  I was going to make this work if it killed me in the process!

Again call it fate, or I call it a blessing, almost a year to the day I received my certificate of business, another miraculous thing happened …

My mentor had created The Four Percent Success Challenge.

So again with an open mind and heart dove into it.

I knew that if my mentor was willing to teach me exactly what he did, on a daily basis, that I could model what he does and get the same results.

I believed in him and I believed in myself.  I was taught growing up “If you are going to do something, do it right or don’t do it at all”.

From the moment I started the Four Percent Challenge to now, as I am writing this, my life has done a complete 180.

My mindset has changed and the goals and the direction I receive on a daily basis have transformed me and my business.

I never thought what is happening to me now would be possible…

But I didn’t give up!

I didn’t stop believing in myself and my dreams!

And I watched, listened, and learned from someone whom I now admire as much as my dad.

When you wake up every day and can’t wait to work on yourself and your business – life becomes more exciting.

You know where you are going and “HOW” you are going to get there.

I now have a clear path for my future! A path that will lead to a brighter future for the two most precious things in my life – my sons!

THERE IS” something more in this life than what you have experienced so far.

For me I am finally working daily at reaching a goal that I set for a better life for my family.

If you are reading this I may or may not know you personally, or what your circumstances might be …

But – If you are struggling and You have a dream of creating a better life for yourself or your family and you are not sure how to go about it … take a look at the challenge.

The Four Percent Challenge will take you by the hand and guide you.

Show you what to do, how to do it, when and why … without confusing you and helping you not get overwhelmed.

Show you how to create a life where you are never dependent on someone else for providing the roof over your head.

Show you how to become independent and build a future you deserve.

Take a look at the ‘Challenge’ and experience it for yourself.

I’m not trying to sell you on it, I just want you to know that there is something more out there.

You deserve more out of life than what you currently have.

I hope my story inspires you to never give up, always believe, and perhaps it will inspire you to take a chance on the challenge and see what it is all about.

In the process you may find out a lot about yourself – and who knows maybe with an open mind and open heart you can grow into the person you have always dreamed of …

I know I did – and I will continue to grow and build my future.

If I can help you in any way let me know.

Whatever you do – don’t EVER give up and always believe in yourself.


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