SEO Mastery Program Created by Billionaire Consultant

SEO Mastery Program

Would you invest 15 minutes of your time to consult with a Billionaire SEO Consultant?

Would ranking your Business, your Product, or your Service on the first page of Google benefit you?

Would ranking your video on the first page of YouTube cultivate your following?

SEO Mastery Four Percent Group Continuing Education internet marketing

SEO Mastery Exclusive Four Percent Program! Only Available Here! 

In this exclusive Video the founder of the Four Percent Group, Vick Strizheus, sat down with Billionaire SEO Consultant Joshua Earp to discuss this Exclusive SEO Mastery program. (Released August 16, 2017)

Joshua Earp is an SEO Expert who does consulting for TV-Stars, Celebrities AND Billionaires!  His ability to reverse engineer Google’s  algorithm and determine the combination of the URL, Title, Anchor Text optimization, and more – to rank on Google’s first page, has created a high demand for his services.

The importance of ranking on Google’s first page goes without saying.  This course not only shows you how to rank on Google’s first page but also on YouTube.  The two largest search engine’s right now are Google and YouTube. Take advantage of the opportunity you have to capitalize on current trends.

When you look around, you see that more Retail stores are closing.  This is a trend that will continue for the foreseeable future.  The Ecommerce surge will continue to grow as more consumers switch to the internet and whats trending on social media for making their purchases.

More companies are using and relying on paid traffic through social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.  As their paid advertising is popping up in front of everyone on their phones or tablets business is great. However that is not delivering a strong ROI or conversion rate.  When the ads end so do the sales.

SEO Mastery Program shows you how to put your business in front of everyone (on Googles First Page) without that annoying banner or expiring paid ad.  With a higher ROI, and better conversion rate, SEO is more of a long term and sustainable answer.  Google and YouTube are used multiple times a day by millions of consumers – and the mjority just look at the first page!

So what would it mean for you to have your business, video, product, service, affiliate offer, Amazon offer right in front of consumers?  The consumer will come to you instead of you chasing them. The higher your offer is ranked on Google means the longer it will stay there!

SEO Mastery Program Teaches You How To

SEO Mastery Program Exclusive Program Available ONLY Here through the Four Percent Group

Affiliate marketers will have a distinct advantage if they complete this course.  Imagine what this knowledge could do for your Amazon Affiliate offer you are running! Any type of business, any type of product or service can benefit from SEO Mastery.  If you are an insurance agent, real estate agent, small business, large business, shopify store owner, youtuber, this program can benefit you!

Again, the Video explains how SEO Mastery is beneficial to you and your company.  Once you go through the course and master SEO, the knowledge you will gain will create endless opportunities for you or your service.

Additional Continuing Education programs available as well.

*Exclusive Program:  The program is available for everyone to purchase, however only available through this link and the Four Percent Group.  Thank you*

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