Continuing Education in Business is Critical For Ecommerce Growth

Continuing Education is a necessity to position your business for Ecommerce Growth in today’s market.

Continuing Education for Business is Critical For Ecommerce Growth

For small and large brick and mortar businesses the time is now to position themselves for economic growth. Their future success and existence will depend on their ability to position themselves in the ecommerce trend.  With information overload prevelant online, finding the right source for continuing education is a daunting task.

Recognizing ecommerce trends and providing the necessary education is our focus for future success.  Filling the void in the internet marketing space for the highest level of continuing education and products to grow your business.

“Total Ecommerce sales are estimated to reach $3.578 Trillion in 2019 and $4.058 Trillion in 2020, the latter representing 14.6% of the total retail spending.” (Bright Vessel) An indication of what is on the horizon.  However with more online stores popping up and the use of mobile devices for shopping and research those numbers will likely be exceeded.

“Cyber Monday 2016 was the Biggest Day in the history of U.S. Ecommerce.  Consumers spent $3.45 billion online on Monday, according to Adobe Digital Insights.” (Fortune)  “About 10 Million MORE Americans shopped online than in stores over Black Friday Weekend” (Fortune) The trend is an obvious indication of where marketing strategies should focus.

The most successful retailers are strategic and targeted in their efforts both offline and on. “Ecommerce is growing 23% year over year, yet 46% of American small businesses do not have a website” (Big Commerce)  The statistics are proof of the importance behind positioning your business for growth ‘today’.  Investing in continuting education is imperative for growth.

The media typically reports on Retail sales, forecasts, whether they fall short or exceed expectations.   Retail is a key focus of the media.  Retail marketing should be the focus of Every business whether you are retail or not.  Small and large companies have a golden opprtunity to target the millions of online shoppers.  Most brick and mortar stores depend on the Black Friday through Christmas season to catapult their sales to meet annual forecasts.  Exposure for any business can take advantage of the amount of consumers online.

Worksmarter4yourfuture The Time Is Now Entrepreneurs Marketing Sales Continuing Education

Entrepreneurs, Shopify owners, Specialty Boutique stores, the homemaker selling their one of a kind items, also tap into the large ecommere pool.  Positioning themselves for growth is as important as Big Business (I will not dive into that here – that topic will be in my next blog).

This is your golden nugget:  As a business owner, small or large, retail or non-retail, Insurance, Real Estate, Automotive Dealer, any type of business, product or service, physical or digital – it doesn’t matter – Your Marketing Strategy should focus on the strategy Amazon, Best Buy, Nordstrom, Walmart uses.  If you can emulate their strategy, you should be able to capitalize on the same results.  If you can position yourself to advertise with them, what will that do for your exposure?

Continuing education in business is Critical for Ecommerce Growth.  Researching countless opportunities available online is not only time consuming but often results in programs that do not provide the desired outcome.  As intimidating as it sounds, SEO should be the number one focus of every business.

Mastering SEO for ANY business is a Critical key for success.  SEO will provide your business with the highest quality traffic/advertising and enable you to get it virtually 100% Free long term through Search Engine Optimization. SEO Consultants can cost thousands of dollars to employ for your website.  However purchasing a SEO Mastery course direct not only will save you money on consultants but also on paid advertising when implemented correctly.

SEO Mastery Program Created by Billionaire Consultant

Continuing education for Internet Marketing Techniques and Strategies can often be learned from 7 and 8 figure Entrepreneurs online.  Leveraging the power of social media is a trend that every successful business will need to master. Millions of users daily on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter alone have shown that an influencer market is just as relevant as paid advertising.  One of the fastest growing social media platforms is Instagram.  Targeted marketing on Instagram will benefit everyone from specialty stores to big business.  Mastering Instagram and synchronizing with FB leverages an entirely new marketing strategy.

Forbes 15 Top Instagram Influencers you should follow

Insta Traffic Mastery Exclusive Four Percent Program

Having an online portal for Continuing Education products and services is why was created. Businesses and Entrepreneurs alike have the need for the Highest Level of Products and Continuing Education to fill the void in the Internet Marketing Space.  There will be over 20 new continuing education courses and products available within the coming months.  Some of the courses are Engagement Secrets, Content Traffic Marketing, Facebook & Twitter Traffic Marketing, YouTube Traffic Mastery, Influencer Traffic Mastery and Traffic Location Secrets to name a few.   Each product is designed to position your company for continued success and growth online.   With the ability to download each course with interactive step by step training videos, you will be able to implement these strategies in real time for your business.  As an affiliate of the Four Percent Group*, is able to bring you specialized training programs for business to the marketplace.

As in all purchases online, I encourage you to do your due diligence in researching each product and how it will apply to your business. The courses we recommend are relevant to all business types and niches.  Not every product may be relevant to your business, but you will at least have the knowledge of what types of products your business may need.

Ecommerce will continue to grow at an alarming rate. Recent trends have shown that consumers are more comfortable with purchasing from their cell phone, tablet or laptop.  In fact “51% of Americans prefer to shop online” (Big Commerce).  Positioning your business for future growth (and existence) will depend on your ability to educate yourself and implement ecommerce strategies.

For more information on business education topics, please visit our continuing education section.

On your journey to success – I wish you nothing but my best!


CEO of Worksmarter4u

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