Entrepreneur Education keys Success Online

Worksmarter4yourfuture Enrepreneur Education Keys Success Online

Entrepreneur Education Keys Success Online

Entrepreneur education is the key to success online.  For many aspiring entrepreneurs and business owners looking to start a business online can be exhilarating and intimidating all at the same time.  You have decided to plant your stake in the ground and create your own success story.  Yet without the proper training, knowledge or education, becoming a true entrepreneur can leave one searching for answers.

In a highly competitive social media driven world, making yourself stand out above the rest will require a strategy and persistence.  But for most, the allure of the laptop lifestyle, working wherever and whenver you want, overshadows the real underlying story to these seemingly overnight sensations.  The knowledge to create a solid base platform is as critical to your business as the product, service or offer in itself.  This will help you avoid being part of the 90% of Startup Businesses that fail (Forbes Article Jan 16, 2015 by Neil Patel).

When you create your platform you are establishing your business foundation.  All the ideas you have will stem from this giving your business a true identity. You are creating your business identity which will differentiate you from everyone else.  With the right entrepreneur education you can separate your business, offer or product from the masses.  Becoming a leader in your particular niche will lead to your success online.

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Expert Secrets will help you find your voice and give you the confidence to become a successful leader in your industry

Email opportunities and social media advertisement saturate the internet with opportunities to promote and earn money quickly.  However from personal experience the majority want you to ‘promote their product’ without ever showing you the keys to becoming a true entrepreneur.  When the product to promote loses it’s magnetism, you are left searching for the next opportunity.  There is so much more to being a successful entrepreneur.

The value of having a mentor is priceless to any entrepreneur or business owner.  Yet finding the right mentor or entrepreneur education is not an easy task.  Investing in your education to have the knowledge to be successful should not be overlooked.  The value in the education, knowledge and training you receive should be the determining factor not the cost of the education.

Whether it is time or money, the education you need requires an investment on your part.  The willingness to watch webinars or instructional videos to absorb the knowledge being shared should be an asset to your business.  Implementing what you have learned should be your focus.  Remember – ‘One idea can create a millionaire’ however implementing that idea is where many fall short.  The entrepreneurs and businesses that invest in their education have success online.  Conversly those who don’t are already looking for the next opportunity.

With the popularity of youtube and the availability of videos on social media, there are a lot of resources out there.  However not everyone has the time available to search for and watch random videos hoping they provide the results they are looking for.

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Ecom Entrepreneur – Free Video Series from 8 Figure Ecommerce Expert


There are resources out there that can give entrepreneur education for those just starting out,  as well as the established online business.   Some provide earn while you learn programs that can be integrated with your business.  Others provide condensed education programs in specific fields of marketing and business growth.

Some of the basic fundamental tools required for long-term success online include Platform setup, Sales Funnel Training & Building, Auto Responder Integration & follow up sequence,  and Tracking Technology to name a few.

The Four Percent Group is an online marketing and training center for entrepreneurs and small businesses.  With step by step video tutorials on platform setup, multiple streams of income (MSI’s),  sales funnel building, auto responder setup, and even a wordpress ESage platform to build your business on.  The Four Percent training is easy enough for the complete novice to understand and indepth enough for the expereinced marketer. Ongoing intereactive training, coaching and mentoring make this one of the best earn while you learn programs available.

Some of the ongoing training topics they offer are:  Internet Marketing Strategies, List Building Strategies, What’s Working Now, Engagement Secrets, Operation 100K, Coaching Sessions and more.  With the opportunity to not only learn these strategies, Entrepreneurs have the opportunity to market these products and earn commissions while they are learning!  Marketing the products isn’t required it’s just an added bonus to show Entrepreneurs how the system works.  Either way the hands on value received from the guided tutorials is worth the value of the monthly membership.  With live webinars, ongoing training and a solid platform, the Four Percent Group will be a pillar in the Entrepreneur Education community for years to come.

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The very first internet marketing college Tecademics offers a variety of condensed education courses.  Continuing cutting edge education courses designed for entrepreneurs as well as busy professionals to stay current with online marketing trends.  Instructors provide proven techniques and marketing strategies they are currently using which allow students to see the results in real time.  Digital marketing, seo, ecommerce, and social media marketing strategies are among the courses being taught which allow students to implement as they learn.

Their curriculum benefits not only Entrepreneurs, but also sales and marketing professionals looking for marketing strategies to stay ahead of their competition.   The face of online marketing has changed and Tecademics gives you the opportunity to stay current with trends as they evolve.

Currently Tecademics is adding 16 new curriculums with 77 new classes.  With plans to open 5 new locations worldwide, Tecademics will be a leader in online education for years to come.  With interactive courses, students can benefit online as well as in the classroom.  Students can participate live, but also have 24/7 access to recorded class sessions when work schedules or family obligations take precedent.  They even have an opportunity to become a free Student Member and have access to free content.  Providing next level entrepreneur and marketing education for everyone is the core principle for Tecademics.

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Marketing strategies are continually evolving online.  With the shift from brick and mortar stores to online stores, ecommerce has demanded a change in how the world is educated to stay current with marketing trends.  For entrepreneurs education needs to be relevant and ongoing to avoid that 90% failure rate and insure their success online.

Entrepreneur education should consist of the tools, training and knowledge not only to build, but grow and scale your business for future success.  University education is important, however having the most relevant, implementable education is what will raise the bar for your business online today.

The right education is the game changer for the success of your business online.  As an Entrepreneur or Business owner, obtaining the knowledge to help you create your identity and become a leader in your industry is an investment not only for today but for the future and why you started your business to begin with.

As always, my best to you in your search for success online.

Rick Fronek

CEO of Worksmarter4 / Worksmarter4yourfuture.com

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Disclosure: I am an independent FourPercent Affiliate, not an employee. I receive referral payments from FourPercent. The opinions expressed here are my own and are not official statements of FourPercent or The Four Percent Group, LLC.

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