Entrepreneurs: The Value Of A Mentor

Entrepreneurs The Value Of A Mentor

Worksmarter4yourfuture The Future is Now Entrepreneurs The Value of a Mentor

For Entrepreneurs the value of a mentor is priceless.  So many online marketing opportunities and ‘get rich quick’ schemes are  rampant accross the internet.   The term mentor or coach is used to entice enthusiastic entrepreneurs into believing their offer will lead to financial freedom and care-free days.  Opportunities that seem to good to be true, usually are.  Differentiating between a ‘true’ mentor and a ‘catch phrase mentor’ is the real key in determining your success.  The signs of a true mentor will be discussed as they are often overlooked by that shiny object of the lifestyle you dream of.  Understanding their value and why they are key to your success is priceless.

Daily, entrepreneurs are overwhelmed by the latest and greatest opportunities to create that luxury lifestyle if they just follow ‘this system’.  Unfortunately the ‘catch phrase mentor’ aka shark in the water feeds off the enthusiastic entrepreneur.  Enticing them by showing a picture of money, yacht, sandy beaches, a snapshot of a paypal or bank statement, claiming this could be yours too!

The ‘catch phrase mentor’ will tell you to promote his offer, or join his team or downline, and riches will come pouring in.  Just copy and paste your email address and we will do the rest for you.  “Quit your job and join my team” or “We will do all of the work for you, position yourself now, before someone takes your spot” are headlines urging young entrepreneurs to take action now before it’s too late!

These are the offers that create skepticisim for entrepreneurs who once had hopes of changing their life for the better.  Losing money for systems that simply don’t work.  Having their faith in the ‘catch phrase mentor’ shattered by an offer that was just that, a way for the shark to prey on the uninformed entrepreneur.  Informing the entrepreneur that they only need to promote their offer (not teaching them how to create that offer).

As an Entrepreneur how do you know who is a true mentor or the ‘catch phrase mentor’?

Worksmarter4yourfuture The Future is Now Entrepreneurs The Value of a Mentor

A mentor is “an experienced and trusted adviser”.  By definition, someone entrepreneurs can trust and will be guided by their experience.  As in all opportunities one must do their due diligence in researching their mentor before committing.

The traits of a “true” mentor should include the following:

Motivates and inspires you to become great

Accessibility:  Allows you to contact them direct (or through support).

Promotes an opportunity that has a real product (physical or digital) not just an opportunity to recruit others

They are visible in live streams, social media groups, or in private coaching sessions.

Show themselves regularly and does not hide behind a screen (the catch phrase mentor often will have a caricature talking during sessions, or have words printed across your monitor instead of showing themselves)

Mentor looks directly into the camera and interacts with live stream comments

Willingness to share personal skills, knowledge and expertise

Shares past mistakes and speaks openly about them

Encourages you to learn more from other resources

Teaches you how the system/offer works and how to create yourself

Offers suggestions for self improvement

Encourages you to be independent so that you do not rely on one source of income

Acts as a positive role model

Has a vision for long term success with continued growth

Provides guidance as well as constructive criticism

Has ongoing training sessions

Sets goals not only professionally but personal

Encourages you to be creative and not just copy the system

Has an interest in your personal success, not just the system they are teaching

Values constructive criticism

Continually strives to bring you current & relevant marketing strategies and continuing education

All of these are traits that define a ‘true’ mentor.  As an Entrepreneur you should feel inspiration from interacting with your mentor.  Your mentor should keep an open means of communication on a regular basis.  Showing sincere appreciation for you trusting them and being part of the opportunity you are involved with.

A mentor will encourage you to strive for success even when you have failed.  Reminds you that your greatest success will often follow your most miserable failure or moment of doubt.  “Great mentors help others become more of who they already are” – (linked in New Series)

Entrepreneurs have the opportunity to use their creative genius to succeed with their endeavor.  However without the guidance and training from a ‘true mentor’ their passion and drive often fails.

There can not be a value directly associated with a mentor.  There is the intagible, that ‘invisible’ connection, which will propel Entrepreneurs to that next level.

Thousands of Universities across the globe specialize in business and marketing.  Yet what is learned in a textbook or classroom in Universities can not compare to the business world experience of a true mentor.  University education is a ‘general guide’ to business, marketing and sales that is to be applied down the road.  First hand experience shared by a mentor is a source of education that can be implemented real time.

Mentors are continually perfecting their expertise, and by doing so, allow them the opportunity to share with the mentee.  It is up to the mentee to implement what the mentor is sharing.

Also prevelant on line is the misconception that the mentor is supposed to ‘do the work’ for you.  Does a university professor take your test for you? Or handle your job interview?  The answer is no in both accounts.

Universities will teach you, it is your responsibility to learn and listen and pass or fail.  Mentors will teach you as well and it is up to you to implement accordingly.  However a mentor will give you guidance, encourage you, instill confidence, and give you the moral support so that you strive to be successful.  A failed college test cannot be retaken, it’s on to the next chaper.  Yet a failed marketing campaign can be analyzed, restructured, and improved with the right mentoring.

A true mentor inspires you to become great! Teaching, listening, encouraging, supporting, and leading by example.  Not only Sharing a system that works – but showing you how they created it.  That is when you know you have found a true mentor.

In all of my time online, I have never come across anything like the Four Percent Success Challenge.   For the first time ever a comprehensive, step-by-step video guided daily coaching program had been created!   Designed to help Entrepreneurs create a true and lasting breakthrough in business, marketing, results, income, and in life.  See “Daily Success Pill for Entrepreneurs & Businesses”.

Some entrepreneurs lose sight of their dream after falling prey to the shark. Others become skeptical, guarded and less reluctanct to fall victim again.

So as you search for that online opportunity to the financial freedom lifestyle, keep in mind the traits of a true mentor as their value is priceless.  My mentor once said (and still holds true today)

“Systems work – people fail”

If your mentor ‘teaches you’ the system, you will have future success.  New opportunities to grow and scale your business will fall into place.  The aspirations and dreams that you started your journey with will lead to a future you set out to achieve.

As Always – My best to you in your search for success in life and online.

Rick Fronek

CEO Worksmarter4u / Worksmarter4yourfuture.com

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Worksmarter4yourfuture The Future is Now Entreprneurs The Value of a Mentor

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