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The Daily Success Pill for Entrepreneurs and businesses challenges users to commit to their success.  The success pill is part of the Four Percent Challenge, a daily comprehensive video guided coaching program designed to help Entrepreneurs and business alike.  With no other program in existence anywhere else, the challenge sets a precedent for in-depth training for anyone striving to “Create the good life” they have always wanted.  Whether you are an entrepreneur, business owner (online or brick and mortar) or someone just starting out, this article touches on the value and the need for the success pill.

With the continual growth of E-commerce and decline of brick and mortar stores on the rise, positioning your business to be successful has become even more critical.  When you begin your journey online as an entrepreneur or small business, failure isn’t something you are thinking about.  “Roughly 20% percent of all businesses survive past their first year … around half of all businesses no longer exist after five years. Only one-third make it past their 10th anniversary.”USA Today, (Success rate: What percentage of businesses fail  in their first year?’ Keith Speights, The Motley Fool 5/21/17)

The daily success pill is a metaphorical pill that is part of the Four Percent Challenge.   The Challenge is a daily, video guided, step by step program designed to help you create a true and lasting breakthrough in business, marketing, income, and life.

With the challenge you receive direct coaching from an expert 8-figure internet entrepreneur, Vick Strizheus (founder and creator of The Four Percent Group).  With an ‘over the shoulder’ format, Vick takes his 14+ years of experience and guides you on a daily success path.

If you are brand new with no experience at all, an entrepreneur trying to break through or an established business  – no matter what it is you are promoting or selling, if you take the daily success pill, you will get the RESULTS you need and become unstoppable and rise yourself head and shoulders above everybody else.  When we are talking about results in business, we are talking sales, conversions, and ultimately putting money in your bank account.  This will allow you to fuel and fund all the great things you want to receive in life and create the ultimate ‘Good Life’ you strive for.

The challenge is based on two core principles – simplicity and results and is broken down into three levels to eliminate overwhelm and get you results faster.  Each level is built as an extension of the previous one, a secret key component to your exponential and rapid growth.  You will have a clear path to follow throughout the challenge.  Each day you will receive specific and detailed training and precise action steps for you to complete.  Once completed you will unlock a 24 hour timer  before you can proceed to the next session.   There is literally no way you can get lost or confused.

Level 1 is designed to guide you from an income of zero to consistently generating 10K per month in sales.  Level 2 details how you can 10x the results you achieve in level 1.  The final level 3 takes level 2 even further, where you become capable of ‘writing your own economy’.

The value you receive from The Four Percent Challenge is unlike anything you have ever seen before!  Each daily session covers the 5 components of the Success Pill which are critical for building, growing and scaling your business for success.  Years of experience and testing have proven that these components when used together ‘on a daily basis’ will consistently provide results.

Daily Success Pill For Entrepreneurs & Businesses Worksmarter4yourfuture.com

The Four Percent Challenge Available Now! Activate your Success Mechanism Here!

For entrepreneurs and businesses just starting out, having a mentor (daily coach) is literally unheard of!  There are thousands of opportunities and offers available for entrepreneurs and businesses online. However, until now –  NOT A SINGLE ONE OF THEM offer a daily coaching session to help you succeed.  That is why the Four Percent Challenge rises above the noise and confusion found on the internet today.

A mentor is the most valuable resource an entrepreneur and business can have.  When a mentor guides you step by step with daily conditioning, specific training and action steps, and motivation – your programming for success becomes automatic.

Some of the critical aspects covered in level 1 :

Activating Your “INNER-SUCCESS Mechanism”

Strategic Product Selection

Strategic and Unique Postioning in the Marketplace

Messaging:  Getting clear on what your CORE message is

Core SKILLSETS in Marketing

Multi-Channel Prospect Acquisition

Customer Acquisition


Development Of Your Central Hub


As an Entrepreneur the Four Percent Challenge and Daily Success Pill will give you the guidance and clarity you need to become successful in business.  Eliminate the doubt, fear and anxiety that comes with your new opportunity.    The daily success pill will allow you to focus on what is important for you and your business to succeed.

For the entrepreneur who is just starting out with no product or service to promote, the challenge offers you the opportunity to market and promote products and services within the Four Percent.  If you already have a product or service, you can model the marketing strategies used to elevate your business to new success levels.

Living the ‘Good Life’ is your ultimate goal as an entrepreneur.  Having a mentor show you how to achieve that result daily has never been offered before, and a key component that has been missing in opportunities online.  Keeping you on task to what is relevant for your success, eliminating the shiny object syndrome, and scaling your business to position yourself for future success.

Established Business Owner

The Daily Success Pill will provide a systematic approach and marketing strategy that can be used for your product or service.  How to implement various marketing strategies, strategic product stacking, promotional strategies, custom systems and leverage creations as well as various attraction marketing techniques.  All designed to maximize the sales potential of your product.

With an over the shoulder view, learn proven marketing techniques and current strategies.  Witness first hand how to scale and leverage marketing campaigns to get the proven results you are looking for. With state of the art tracking technology you will be able to pinpoint and segregate which part of each campaign is a success or failure.  Thereby scaling the winners and eliminating the losers.

In marketing and sales, witnessing a different approach to sales campaigns can be the difference in rising above your competition.  So often our pre-conditioned method of marketing has run it’s course.  The Daily Success Pill will provide new ideas and opportunities to exceed and literally crush previous sales goals.  The strategies and techniques used are applicable to any industry and any type of product or service.

Daily Success Pill For Entrepreneurs & Businesses

The Four Percent Success Challenge – Start Today & Experience The Difference Tomorrow!

The Four Percent Challenge is available with two options – monthly fee and a one-time lifetime fee.  The one on one training you receive is more in-depth and detail specific than you will ever receive in a four year university degree.  The action steps you take daily will create the solid long-term successful business that will eliminate any confusion as to how you will provide for yourself or your family in the future.

With a 30 day money back no questions asked guarantee the time is now to worksmarter for your future.

On a side note, step 1 on DAY 2 will change your perspective forever.  Understanding the keys to why some business and entrepreneurs succeed and why some fail are reviewed.  This session “Paradigms – How to re-wire yourself for success” alone will take you to the next level in your business.  Don’t just take my word for it – find out for yourself!

The Four Percent Challenge and the Daily Success Pill is the opportunity entrepreneurs and businesses alike have long been waiting for.  From the Complete Beginner to the Corporate Sales Manager – this structured daily program will provide the keys for continuous growth and scaling necessary to achieve long term results in your business.

The key to success in business is having the education & knowledge to build, grow, scale and market your business – Exactly what is provided in the daily success pill.  Find out more today and be one of the companies still providing great products and services 10 years from now!

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We will continue to bring you current and relevant information and opportunities on ‘How to Be Successful In Business’, as the market space evolves and new information becomes available.  Our commitment to you in 2018 and beyond is helping you ‘achieve the unachieveable’.

My best to you in your search for happiness and success in business and in life.

Rick Fronek

CEO Worksmarter4u/Worksmarter4yourfuture

Disclosure: I am an independent FourPercent Affiliate, not an employee. I receive referral payments from FourPercent. The opinions expressed here are my own and are not official statements of FourPercent or The Four Percent Group, LLC.

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