The power of eStage and you

Estage for business.  Estage is one of the most powerful website blogging system.

As an Entrepreneur or business owner having a central home on the internet is critical for continued growth.  Having a home website is important in today’s ecommerce.  Finding an easy to maintain website or platform to share your content with your audience in a simple format is sometimes challenging.  Organizing your content for audience retention is critical when trying to rank higher in SEO.  Search engines today count the length of a visit as important as the visit itself.

If you already have a main website but are looking to expand WordPress based platforms may be an optionn.  We recommend you review your options before committing.  Make sure that all the features you need are available to avoid additional costs.

Some website builders are enticing as a result of the low start up cost.  Just be cautious.  Typically lower start up costs equals hidden costs.  Additional charges for SEO, contact forms, social media widgets etc., they all can add up quickly.

Coming soon this estage platform will be available for purchase.  When it becomes available, you will be able to check out the features and make sure it is the right fit for you prior to making a commitment.

General overview of estage:  Estage is powered with WordPress, theme customizer, and tons of other features!

Some of the features included:

Responsive Layout

Retina Graphics

Powerful performance

Multiple themes

Customizable fonts

Search Engine Optimized

Widgets menus

FREE Lifetime Updates.

If interested in learning more when this platform is available – please contact us.  Send us an email and we will notify you as soon as it’s avialable.

estagelogo purchase estage for business

Estage for your business, personal websites, organizations, real estate agents, insurance agents, chiropractor or any type of business in any niche.

Create your own online market place when you purchase estage for business.  Easy to use features and optimized for SEO. Estage for business has professional formated design templates to give your site the appeal your customers are looking for!

In marketing the appearance of your site is as critical as the content!

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