Fourth Quarter Marketing Yields An Abundance of Opportunity-Education And Media

Fourth quarter marketing yields an abundance of opportunity – the education and awareness for everyone who wants to take advantage of the millions of consumers that are eager to purchase the latest and greatest product or service available.

From retail stores to small business owners, entrepreneurs to work at home parents, the fourth quarter is your opportunity!

In part 2 of this 2 part series of Fourth Quarter Marketing Yields An Abundance Of Opportunity we will cover some of the education and media platforms available.  Giving you the insight as a marketer to finish this year strong and scale your marketing strategy for a prosperous coming new year!

Several marketing strategies to increase consumer awarness about your brand were covered in part one.  How you scale those strategies can be the difference between a long term customer and a ‘one and done’ customer.

Don’t underestimate the importance of your fourth quarter marketing strategy regardless of the niche your are in or the product or service you have to offer.

Fourth Quarter Marketing – The Education

Gaining the knowledge to implement in your ‘current marketing strategy’ is not found in the class room at Universities.  Resources are available that you can learn and implement today or within a few days without having to spend countless hours in a lecture hall.  This article covers both software based education as well as free webinar based education.

The most valuable trend in marketing today is education.  The marketing tools that are critically important for all businesses to have all come with training.  From step-by-step tutorials to webinars detailing the strategies on how to use them, the companies that provide them are willing to teach beginners the proper way to incorporate into their business.

Eliminating confusion and overwhelm, combined with free training and a money back guarantee, has allowed the company’s that provide these marketing tools to excel in their niche.  Providing the training, eliminates the novice or brick and mortar store on main street, from having a reason not to try.

The majority of all marketing education platforms available at your finger tips have even added 24 hour support as a security blanket for those with less experience who are willing to learn.

Available Marketing Training Resources

Sales Funnels

As mentioned in part one, the most critical tool for every business to use is a sales funnel.  The 4 critical stages of a sales funnel are Awareness, Interest, Decision and Action.  There are several sales funnel software company’s available to choose from that can help you achieve these results.  ClickFunnels®, Kartra, Wishpond, and Get Response to name a few.  Each offers free trial periods as well as training on how to implement correctly.

Sales funnels not only are a tremendous asset to existing business owners with websites, but also to brick and mortar stores on main street, Entrepreneurs and work from home parents and students who do not have a website.

One page sales funnels are an effective way to showcase your business, product or service and build an instant connection with your target market.  A quick and effective way to build your list while offering your customer something they need without having to hire a programmer to create the funnel.

Building your subscriber list is the name of the game as described in part 1 of this part 2 series of Fourth Quarter Marketing Yields An Abundance Of Opportunity. Your sales funnel can build your list – the most valuable asset to your business.  Once you have your list you will always have an audience to share opportunities, specials and the latest and greatest from your business with.

When using a sales funnel, it is vitally important to have a separate domain name from your business domain to prevent blacklisting.  One company decided to incorporate the domain expense into their step-by-step training as a free bonus.  Providing that extra value allows their customer to create and use their very first marketing sales funnel the same day! Having built in templates to use and an option to pay someone to create the funnel for you frees up valuable time that every business needs at this time of the year.

click funnels fastest way to double sales-Fourth Quarter Marketing Yields An Abundance Of Opporutnity-Education And Media-Worksmarter4yourfuture

(Disclosure: I am an independent ClickFunnels® Affiliate, not an employee. I receive referral payments from ClickFunnels®. The opinions expressed here are my own and are not official statements of ClickFunnels® or its parent company, Etison LLC. ClickFunnels®)Fastest Way To Double Sales14 Day Free Trial


Integrating your sales funnel with an auto-Responder is like shaking hands with your newly acquired customer.

Your customer entrusted you with their name and email address.  Now it is up to you to provide the best possible customer service for the short term and ultimately the long term relationship.

The aforementioned sales funnel software companies all have auto-Responder programs available to seamlessly keep your marketing under one umbrella.

However for those on a budget utilizing both a sales funnel builder and a separate auto-responder may be a better alternative.  There are company’s available that combine ‘Landing Pages’ with their automated email marketing system.  Ontraport and Kartra are affordable options when considering this as an alternative to the more in-depth sales funnel builder software companies.

Among the more widely known auto-responder companies are Aweber, ConvertKit, Active Campaign and GetResponse.  Each have their own unique features which appeal to different niches.   Depending on your niche, you may want to contact each direct to make sure they are a good fit for your product line or service.  As mentioned with the above sales funnels, autoresponders also come with free trials and full training.

Convertkit has a very easy to use platform that allows for seamless list segmentation.  Great for e-commerce however not user friendly if you are promoting or working with ‘work from home’, business opportunity or income earning opportunities.

One company that has made major improvements to be competitive in the Funnel building an Auto-responder niche is GetResponse.  Becoming a complete software marketing company that allows you to have all the bells and whistles under one umbrella while being very budget friendly to it’s users in every niche.

How To Build Trust With Your Customers In Email List

Your follow up sequence is a vital aspect to your marketing strategy.  Auto-responders enable you to create pre-written marketing campaigns scheduled in advanced for up to one year.  This frees up valuable time for business owners to focus more on the day to day operations of their business.

Every auto-Responder has a feature to view delivery rate, open rates, email clicks (if you have a link to an offer in the message) and also the ability to re-send with a click of the mouse.

Deliverability and open rate are the key factors you should monitor when deciding to stay with an auto-Responder long term.  The servers auto-responders use can be the difference maker between a long term customer relationship and one that stops before it starts if your message ends up being marked as spam.

Key note:  Monitor this aspect closely.  Auto-Responder software companies do not like to admit that it is their servers that are creating the spam result.  The fault is always put on the message content, not the server they are using.  Money making opportunities are a red flag for spam.  However if you are providing a legitimate business product or service, delivery rate should never be an issue.

Tracking Software

How do you know which funnels, links, special offers or website page promotions are being clicked?  The ability to monitor your website, funnels, banner ads and offers can save thousands when it comes to promotional campaigns.

Clickmeter and ClickMagick are two of the main tracking software technology companies available.

The knowledge of who, where and when links and website pages are being clicked is just as important as the money invested in your sales funnel, website, advertising or marketing campaigns.

ClickMagick allows you to create multiple links from one sales funnel. Giving the user the ability to create a separate link for different media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn or wherever you are marketing.  Monitoring pages on your website can also be tracked using this feature.

Tracking each page and action of a sales funnel will share valuable information on whether you need to change your funnel features to increase opt-ins or sales, and also calculate your ROI automatically.

Click tracking software companies have now expanded their platforms to include educating their customers with free training along with the free trial period.

ClickMagick Track And Opitimize Your Marketing-Worksmarter4yourfuture-Worksmarter4u

Download your free Tracking Guide!

Traffic Generation

When it comes to traffic generation (the steady flow of visitors to your website, funnel or offer) there are general free training options available, however the in-depth training that will provide long term options and proven results all come with a price.

The benefits of the paid education outweighs the free education.  Most free education gives a ‘general’ overview with what the host had work for their product, their niche and which stars were aligned with the moon at that time.

Signing up for these webinars and scheduling your day around them may not be advantageous to business owners.  Some valuable information can be gained from them, however the lack of ‘all the details being shared’ can sometimes leave you with more questions than answers.  Having attended several over the years, I have picked up valuable information here and there, but not always worth the time spent.

One educational program that has in-depth training as well as a 30 day money back guarantee is Internet Traffic Mastery (ITM).  A 12 module program that gives detailed specific traffic generating strategies with specific sources to tap into for creating a steady flow of traffic to your website or offer.

Internet Traffic Mastery The Game Changer Worksmarter4yourfuture

Internet Traffic Mastery – The Game Changer in Marketing For Your Business. Register for Webinar and Receive Mass Traffic Blueprint Free.

The in-depth training covers several traffic media’s including:  Influencer, 24-hour, Social, Search, Display, Retargeting, CPA, Syndicate Traffic, Perpetual, Traffic Media X, and the Ultimate Traffic media.  The traffic generating education that will benefit your business regardless of the niche you are in or the product or service you sell.

ITM is an advanced level traffic generation course that should be taught in Universities.  The benefit of this education is that you can implement the strategies and information that is shared the very same day.

Due to the ever changing marketing strategies online, the creator of this program is launching Internet Traffic Academy.   An ongoing educational program that will allow founding members the benefit of receiving ITM and a lifetime tuition with no additional charges as new information and strategies are shared in the future.  The academy will change the way businesses receive their marketing education and will provide a lifetime of current marketing techniques and strategies.

Internet Traffic Academy-Lifetime Tuition-Worksmarter4yourfuture-Fourth Quarter Marketing Yields An Abundance Of Opportunity-Education And Media

Internet Traffic Academy-Founding members will have lifetime access to current traffic generating strategies.

Software based education has enabled small business owners, Shopify store owners, work from home parents and Entrepreneurs the affordable alternative to receiving current and relevant education to implement instantaneously without spending hours, weeks and months in a classroom.

Free Education Opportunities

In this section of Fourth Quarter Marketing Yields An Abundance of Opportunity – the Education that delivers without charging a fee.  There are a plethora of educational platforms out there that do provide valuable information for free.  However to access the key bullet points that you are interested in, you spend valuable time listening to a pitch on purchasing a new software that may or may not even be relevant to your business.

The following programs offer specific education that you can implement today.   To access you will need to create a free membership so that the links to access can be emailed to you.  There is no time frame or deadline that you have to view the programs within – but to implement with your CURRENT marketing strategy– accessing now will benefit your 4th Quarter Marketing Campaigns.

Once you create your free membership you will be able to access these educational programs whenever, wherever and for as long as you want.  Another added benefit is the ability to watch multiple times! Cancellation is always a click away if you feel it is not relevant to your business.

Traffic Generation Strategies:  Program teaches the fundamentals of traffic generation and how to position yourself in front of millions of people.  Mass Traffic Blueprint is the main component of this program.

List Building Strategies:  Educational program that shares specific strategies for building your list.  How to cultivate your list and convert prospects into customers.  Your list is the greatest asset your business can have.  90 Minute Free Program.

Influence And Persuasion:  Learn how to sell persuasively regardless of the product or service you provide.  This educational program is perfect for business owners as well as entrepreneurs just starting out.  Program teaches a blueprint to follow to help you create an influence in your speaking, writing, presentations, and virtually every form of communication.  Approximately 180 minute Free Program.

Irresistible Offer Blueprint:  Short program that shares how to create offers that are irresistible to your targeted audience.  Learn the techiques that will allow you to implement today and boost your online sales campaigns. Aproximately 77 minute Free Program.

Facebook – PPC Secrets:  Learn how to implement proper facebook advertising strategies using video ads.  Eye opening education for anyone involved with B2B,  B2C, e-commerce, or any type of sales or internet marketing.  Adrian Morrison teaches strategies that attract clients and generates sales all through Facebook advertising.  45 Minute Free Program.

Instagram Secrets:  Short educational program that shares ideas and strategies on how to build, grow and generate revenue from your instagram account.  Program is taught by Tim Karsliyev the founder of @dailydose.  26 minute Free program.

E-Commerce Secrets:  Short program that shares ideas and strategies to creating a long term profitable e-commerce business that separates you from your competition.  Learn how to source and create your own brand. 38 Minute Free Program.

The last program I wanted to share with you is one that every business owner or entrepreneur should take the time to watch.  It is a free 90 minute presentation from the Great Motivational Speaker Les Brown!  This will be one of the programs that will help inspire and motivate you to reaching your goals.  The Free Program is called “Creating Legacy“.

The aforementioned free programs can provide you with the education necessary to elevate your Fourth Quarter Marketing Strategy.  As I always mention, do your do diligence in aligning yourself with the right programs.  Don’t be afraid to unsubscribe to what is not in alignment with your values or the long-term vision of your business.


There are literally millions of platforms for businesses to market on.  When marketing your business, I highly encourage you to review “Fourth Quarter Marketing Strategies To Dominate Any Market” and incorporate the Adroll campaign into your strategy.  Running an Adroll campaign at the right time (Black Friday, Cyber Monday) can have you targeting your prospects with every click of the mouse.

One of the hottest trends at the moment is “YouTube“!  What is often overlooked when posting on youtube is the share feature.  Not only can you post your content on youtube, but with a click of the mouse you have the option to share that video with 10 Different sites as well as send a direct email with your Youtube video.  Among the platforms are Pinterest, Twitter, Reddit, Digg, LiveJournal, LinkedIn, Mix and Blogger.

10K Challenge,Affiliate Marketing Challenge,Worksmarter4yourfuture,Worksmarter4u

Learn How To Go From Zero to $10K+ In Sales Selling Other People’s Products. Advanced 30 Day ‘Step-By-Step’ Affiliate Marketing Training.

For some business owners and entrepreneurs the thought of getting in front of a camera creates instant panic.  There are alternatives to shooting live videos. One that comes with templates and the ability to add text and background music is RIPL.  The above ‘Learn How To Go From Zero to $10K” Video was made using RIPL.  Simply take photos of the products or service you provide and upload into the software.    Very user friendly and very inexpensive.

A platform that should not be overlooked is Vimeo – the Microsoft version of youtube.  The more exposure and obvious backlinks you can create the better your SEO and search engine results will be.

One platform that is great for e-commerce but sometimes misunderstood in it’s reach is “Shopify“.  If you are a brick and mortar store or someone with a unique product looking to market, this is an option worth considering.  shopify comes with a 14 day free trial and a tutorial on how to set up your store.

Shopify is a great option if you are interested in advertising your business or product through social media as well as online and instore.  They have options and templates to create your own virtual store and customize to your business needs.  They even handle marketing , payments to secure checkouts, and even programs to turn ‘abandoned carts’ into paying customers.

Side noteShopify is a platform you may want to consider opposed to an ebay store.

Don’t underestimate the free resources of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and also one platform that is widely overlooked “Etsy”.  Etsy does have nominal fees however a great platform for gaining exposure for your brand.

LinkedIn is a platform that EVERY business owner and Entrepreneur should be utilizing.  It costs nothing to create your profile and your reach to literally a “who is who” in business is at your fingertips!

Always remember – Regardless of the media platform you choose to advertise and promote on, be sure to utilize a form of tracking software (ClickMagick or Clickmeter) to help track engagement.

Your Business has the opportunity to take advantage of many opportunities with the right strategy.  The strategies, education and media platforms shared in “Fourth Quarter Marketing Yields An Abundance of Opportunity” should give you the insight to help you dominate your industry during the 4th Quarter and set yourself up for a Prosperous New Year!

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As always my best to you in your search for success and happiness in life!  May the fourth quarter bring you and your business a prosperous year end and continued success in the New Year!


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