How Webtalk Reinvented Social Media

How Webtalk reinvented Social Media at a record pace is easy to understand when you ask the users of the platform.

In 2010, RJ Garbowicz, the CEO of Webtalk had one simple vision “Helping the world create more success”.  He embarked on a decade long journey to make the world’s first all-in-one relationship and brand management platform that made the end user the priority.

How Webtalk reinvented Social Media will cover the unique benefits that users have when they realize how social media should really be for it’s users.

With Facebook and LinkedIn generating billions of dollars in revenue off of the content users produce, RJ wanted to find a way for the real content creators, you and I, to benefit from the bottom line.

Part of the mission was to “create 1 million millionaires” by offering users the chance to earn passively through 5 levels deep of referrals.    Something the executive decision makers of other platforms would consider an unheard of idea.

Webtalk began their public Beta testing on the free services in late 2018. Their Beta testing for the Pro premium feature service started in May of 2019, and the testing of their Ad Rewards platform began in February of 2020.

Webtalk Alexa Rankings From July 2020-How Beta Testing Set Webtalk Apart From Facebook And LinkedIn

Alexa Ranking of for July 2020

As more new members joined Webtak saw exponential growth.  The Alexa ranking for Webtalk in July of 2020 was 12,089, currently they are at 6,379.  (“…The Alexa Rank is calculated and provided by as a numeric popularity ranking for websites, with a ranking of 1 being the most popular. A site’s Alexa rank is based on estimates of traffic and visitor engagement over a period spanning the last 3 months, and serves as a useful metric for judging a website’s overall popularity in relation to all other currently live websites”) – Source 3/30/21 (

With the opportunity to join for free and still earn passively from first level direct referrals, Webtalk raised the bar for it’s founding members.  Offering the first ‘One Million Qualified affiliates‘ with a bonus that pays 10% revenue share, paid as commissions on qualified transactions through 5 degrees of referrals.  When you either referr a member who becomes a Pro or above member, or you purchase a pro or above membership yourself, the bonus is activated.  Allowing you to earn 10% revenue share and 100% matching pints from you own referrals, and from their referrals through 5 levels of referrals.

So besides the attractive passive income opportunity – why has Webtalk been so popular?

Webtalk-Creating Success Through Webtalk The Future Of Social Media-Worksmarter4yourfuture-Worksmarter4u

Start creating your own success through Webtalk

One of the main features new users have found beneficial is their patent pending SocialCRM.  The ability to categorize contacts to built in personal or professional groups and networks.  And assign notes and tags to each person so that you can find them later based on how you categorize them.

This SocialCRM feature allows you to manage all of your Personal (family, friends, etc.) and Professional (Business contacts) all under one umbrella.  Giving the user the opportunity to share posts with specific audiences.  At last a solution that makes social media easier to use.  Why log into several sites, have multiple accounts, when you can share the same content with multiple users and platforms from one central location.  (Webtalk currently allows members to share posts simultaneously with Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Slack.  Tik-Tok and Instagram are coming very soon).

With an ALL-In-One Profile users virtually have a responsive mini website where you control who sees what.

Special Media & File Galleries – when users attach files and media to their newsfeed posts, Webtalk automatically stores them in your drive and stores them in your profile gallery and files as well.   A feature that allows members to still view all of your important information without having to scroll through endless pages of posts.

The PRO feature (currently at 50% off for an extremely limited time) allows users to turn off advertising and have 500 (Pro) to unlimited CRM contacts (Pro-Platinum).  General contacts range from a Free Membership (5k contacts) to Pro (10K contacts) and to Pro-Platinum (Unlimited contacts).  Pro members and above also are allowed a special feature called a Spotlight Post.

Pro members also have the ability to search in ‘incognito mode’ as well as have advanced search capabilities.


How To Save In Gold And Silver An Introduction … (YouTube video)


A Spotlight post is a feature that sticks posts to the top of the desired audience’s newsfeed to make sure that your message is delivered and seen by your audience.  Spotlight posts are a  business or marketers dream come true.  The ability to feature news, products and services with others, without having to pay a separate fee as the other social media platforms do.

One of the key features in how Webtalk reinvents Social Media is the ability to see every person that views your profile or interacts on one of your posts.  Again a marketers dream platform – knowing who has interest in you, your company, your products or services and the opportunity to re-engage with them and make a connection.

Webtalk’s cash rewards program allows members to earn points for engagement on the content that they share.  Points can be redeemed for cash monthly when a $100 threshold is met.  The cash rewards program is 100% free and available worldwide.

The affiliate program is free to join.  No matter who you are or what niche you are in, everyone that enrolls in the affiliate program has an opportunity to generate a substantial amount of income.  From everyday user to celebrity or even professional marketers, the opportunity is there to earn from referrals or just using everyday.  So why not enroll today?

As part of a special promotion to encourage users to complete their profiles, upload a picture and agree to the affiliate program terms, and set up a payment processor, Webtalk is offering a five dollar sign up bonus.   Another way that Webtalk is reinventing social media – making a commitment to their users – when new users commit to Webtalk.   This also acts as an indirect verification as well.

As Webtalk continues to reinvent Social Media some of the features coming soon will create a windfall for some of the early adopters.

Free-Pro-and-Pro-Platinum-Webtalk-Membership-breakdown-chart-Worksmarter4yourfutureFeatures on the horizon:

Webtalk Pages:  Allows you to crean an account for your brand, business, or media company that will help you reach Webtalk users.  You will never be charged to reach your own followers.  Very soon you will be able to sell services and products directly from your page.  For online store owners you will have the ability to instantly migrate your entire store with one click.

Webtalk Self Service Ad Platform:  Target specific audiences in any location worldwide to help your business grow. Reach anyone at any time with easily designed custome ads and sponsored posts.

Verified by Webtalk:  A step process will help you establish instant trust within your network.  All verified users will have a badge on their profile and will rank higher in Webtalk’s search engine.

Webtalk Classifieds:  Find and post jobs on Webtalk’s free classified service.  Apply for jobs instantly using your Webtalk profile and if your profile contains the Verified badge you will put yourself at the top of the list.

Webtalk Video:  Currently Webtalk allows youtube and vimeo videos to be shared in a post or on one’s profile.   Current version allows to watch on Webtalk or click through to YouTube.  Coming soon the ability to upload AND edit videos directly on Webtalk. Also coming soon Webtalk Live – broadcast live from anywhere!

Webtalk Eventwave:  Eventwave is a special messaging app that allows real-time messaging and a GPS friend-finder service.  With this feature is a revolutionary ‘last-minute events and meetup service’.  Find and host any event and broadcast it to all of Webtalk or to select groups.

How Webtalk reinvented Social Media is easy to see.  Through beta testing with the platform, ad rewards program, ios and android apps and getting feedback from it’s users, Webtalk is the future and how Social Media should be.

With many additional features in the development stage, Webtalk has a vision and the ability to change with the demands of social media and the ever changing face of marketing.

Will you be an early adopter?  One of the first Million Qualified Affiliates? Or will you be wishing you did … the time is now to Worksmarter4yourfuture.

As always, my very best to you for continued succcess and happiness in business and in life.


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