iHub Travel Paying It Forward In The Wake of Hurricane Ian

iHub Travel is paying it forward in the wake of Hurricane Ian.

The devastation wrought by Hurricane Ian along the southwest coast of Florida left many families and businesses with the challenging task of starting over.

Across the United States many business establishments have added donation options when completing transactions for purchases in stores, to help give aid to those in need.   Most establishments are partnering with the American Red Cross or Salvation Army to channel their donations through.

iHub Travel made a quick decision to help Hurricane Ian victims out by paying it forward.  Their CEO Rick Cotton made the announcement live on October 1st during the iHub Travel Summit, that they would be donating over 100% of profits from their new iHub Travel program thru October 15th to help give aid to those devastated by the Hurricane.

Over the years there have been many companies that I have come to know, followed or even became an associate or an affiliate of, however none of them have given as much back to their members or through charities as iHub has.

You know you are in good company when the CEO and leaders of the company continues to give back.

Paying if forward

iHub Travel, a division of iHub Global, will donate 100% + for each travel membership created from October 1st through October 15th.  Their travel membership benefits are a global opportunity, not limited to just the United States.  Memberships can be created from anywhere across the globe.

Current iHub Travel premium members have the ability to share their travel savings with others through a special link that allows someone to have access to a free complimentary account for one year with savings up to 50% off on travel.  Even though the account is free through the special link, iHub travel will be donating $1 per free account.

For those that purchase the basic travel membership for less than twenty dollars a month, iHub travel is donating $25 per new member towards the relief effort.

New members that purchase a premium travel membership for under forty dollars a month, iHub travel will donate $50 per new premium member towards the effort.

Making a difference

Since the inception of iHub Global in 2019, Chief Executive Officer Rick Cotton and the iHub team have consistently found ways to pay it forward.  Not only to their affiliates (one of the true pay-it-forward affiliate programs in existence) but to charities as well.

Rick is also the founder and chairman of VivaKids which helps support kids in underprivileged parts of the world.

A percentage of all iHub proceeds go to VivaKids as well.  Rick has dedicated his life to helping others in need and his generosity continues with the Hurricane Ian relief.

Often companies across the USA support different charities and organizations in different ways in times of need.

However for Rick Cotton, iHub Global and their new iHub Travel division, they have found a way to make paying it forward an aspect of everyday life.

Playing my part

As a small business owner and United States Army Veteran, I have always donated to the Disabled Veterans.  I will continue to do so myself, however I will also make a donation to the Hurricane Ian relief fund as well.

For memberships created through this post, Worksmarter4u will match the one-time donations of $1 per free membership that iHub Travel is donating, and we will add an additional $5 per basic membership and $10 per premium membership in addition to what iHub Travel is donating through December 31st.

We all have the ability to play our part in helping others out.  During this devastating time for the residents of Florida and other parts of the USA that were impacted by the Hurricane, every little bit of help can make a difference.

As always my very best to everyone for continued success and happiness in business and in life.

~ Rick

CEO Worksmarter4u / Silver And Gold Solutions


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