What Is The Best Work From Home Job In 2018

What is the best work from home job in 2018 and how do I start?  The internet is saturated with opportunities promising endless amounts of money, carefree lifestyles, illusions of grandeur and get rich quick schemes.

The truth for Entrepreneurs, or that hard working mother or father, trying to create a life where there is more time for family and more income to pay bills and take a vacation every once in a while, is that 99.9% of the offers end up as one and done opportunities.  You may make a little money promoting a specific offer, but the long term income dream that you have never materializes.

The number one reason for this is …nobody wants to teach an entrepreneur, complete beginner, high school graduate, college graduate or stay at home parent the exact details of how to be successful online.

That is …until now!

What is the best work from home job in 2018 and how do I start gives an overview of entrepreneur challenges, key factors that are missing from online opportunities and why one opportunity is setting a precedent!

The best work from home job in 2018 and how Entrepreneurs can take advantage of this can be found in one program!

Worksmarter4yourfuture.com What Is The Best Work From Home Job in 2018 And How Do I Start

What is the best work from home job in 2018 and how do I start?

The only detailed program of it’s kind, that currently exists on the internet, has surfaced in the form of a  “$10K Success Challenge“.

The creator of the Four Percent Group, Vick Strizheus, has put together the only complete step by step video tutorial guided program that literally guides you by the hand on how to create a successful business online.

The Four Percent $10K Challenge shows you specific precise actions steps to take daily so that you can create a business online that will generate a revenue of $10K per month.  The “Challenge” is accurately named – as the biggest challenge most entrepreneurs and people starting out online are faced with is staying committed and focused to their goal of being successful.

That challenge entrepreneurs face, has been alleviated by the daily “Success Pill“.  Taken once daily, in a metaphorical sense, can show you what steps to take, why you are taking them, and how to implement them.

The challenge provides a daily coaching session by your personal mentor Vick.  The key ingredient that is lacking on 99% of all money making opportunities online is … a Mentor!

Worksmarter4yourfuture.com Why Do Entrepreneurs Fail Online - And How To Succeed

Why Do Entrepreneurs Fail Online – And How To Succeed

A mentor who will encourage you, guide you and provide valuable insight and information on what they used to create the success that they have.  The majority of opportunities entrepreneurs are exposed to lack the specific details of what it takes to be successful and that is why they fail.  A true mentor shows you exactly what you need to do because their goal is to teach you and ultimately become a better, self sufficient entrepreneur.  True mentors are not afraid to share their secrets as they have no fear of competition.  How many opportunities can you find online that will daily give you the benefit of a mentor and their insight?

Why is the “Challenge” and the Success Pill so effective?

Broken down into 5 key ingredients.  The success pill you take each day consists of:

An overview (MIC) Motivation, Inspiration, Creativity.  A daily dose of inspiration and motivation that unleashes maximum creativity and drive.

Direction and Goals – Keeps you moving in the Right Direction and brings you closer to your goals.

Automatic Success Conditioning – Reprograms ou mind for effortless and unconcious success. Shifts your paradigm from failure to success.  This is critical in helping you maintain you focus on your goals.

Marketing Genius Activator – Helps make you a magnetic and powerful marketer.

Action Steps – Gives you a clear direction on exactly what actions you need to take each day.

As you complete each success pill session each day, you unlock a 24 hour timer that releases the next day’s success pill in the challenge.  Part of the reason for this is to give entrepreneurs to implement and reflect on what they have learned in that particular days session.

Confusion and overwhelm is something that affects entrepreneurs and start up candidates when they start their new opportunity online.  The success challenge eliminates that.  Most online opportunities share promotional tools and ads for you to promote. But 99% of them do not show you how to promote correctly. Which often leads to ‘aspiring entrepreneurs’ scratching their head wondering what they did wrong, why they are not getting results, and ultimately leads to abandoning their dreams of success.

Entrepreneurs who take advantage of the Four Percent success challenge and start going through the daily action steps, quickly find out why it is the best work from home opportunity in 2018.

As in all businesses, there are some expenses that you will incur while getting started.  Like traditional brick and mortar stores, there are costs to running a business. However with the success challenge, the tools necessary to run everything, do provide you with the opportunity to earn money as an affiliate with the company who’s products  you use in setting up your business.

The challenge provides you with complete guidance on how to:

How to create your ‘goal card’ and why it is imperative to your success

Set up your system with multiple streams of income

Payment processor setup

Autoresponder setup

Funnel builder setup

Marketing strategies and techniques

Website set up. Gives you specific step by step actions to creating your website online.

Tools to help you promote your own business.

clickfunnels fastest way to double sales 14 Day Free Trial

Click Funnels Fastest Way To Double Sales – 14 Day Free Trial

Note: If you do not have a product or service, the success challenge gives you the necessary tools to promote and earn income through the Four Percent Group.

With the challenge you get FREE 24/7 Support 365 days of the year.  No matter what time of the day you are working on creating your future, there will be support available to assist you.

The video tutorial guided steps can be watched multiple times and paused whenever needed. This helps eliminate any confusion while performing the actions.  (recommendation:  keep the success challenge open in one browser and work in another browser.  This will allow you to work on the steps shown as Vick is teaching you in the video)

A precedent has been set in the work from home industry.  The best work from home business in 2018 is the Four Percent 10K Challenge.  With it’s complete step by step video guided process, anyone from complete beginner to established marketer will find the training and knowledge provided invaluable.  Entrepreneurs, stay at home moms and dads, high school grads, college grads, affiliate marketers, and even established business owners, small and large, can get the valuable insight they need to be successful online!

When you are ready to make that commitment to yourself and your future, you need look no further than the Four Percent Challenge! 

The “Challenge” will answer your question as to “What is the best work from home job in 2018 and how do I start?”

Because every program may not resonate with everyone, there is a 7 day trial period that costs one dollar.  The program also offers a 30 day money back guarantee in the event you are not satisfied after you extend your trial period

The Challenge is Life changing.  I highly encourage EVERYONE to take the challenge. When you reach day 4 – you will have one of the most eye opening moments of your life.  Vick explains why most people fail and why the ones who succeed have the success that they do.  This is a session that I guarantee will change your life and your pespective on how to be successful in ANYTHING that you do.

The questions now is – are you read to commit to yourself? Commit to your future? Are you ready to start the best work from home opporunity in 2018?

As always, my best to you in your search for happiness and success in life!

Rick Fronek

CEO Worksmarter4u

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